Clubhouse & Ground Rules

At Rolling Hills Country Club, we respect others' enjoyment and use of all facilities. Therefore, high standards of conduct and appearance are expected from members, family and guests.  Consistent with this policy, we request that you review the Clubhouse & Ground Rules prior to your visit.  Please be aware that the use of  cellular phones is limited at our Club.

Dress Code

RHCC dress code requires grooming and attire for members and guests to be appropriate and in good taste at all times. The Board of Directors has instructed management to enforce and deny service to all members and guests not conforming to these dress standards:

  • Jeans Policy –
    • Denim “in good taste” will be permitted in all areas of the clubhouse
      • Denim must be “tasteful” and “in good repair” as follows:
        Definition of Denim “In good taste”:
        No holes, rips, tears, tatters, or frays.
        No acid washed denim.
        No hand written messages, pictures or inappropriate messages.
        No baggy or sagging denim or slacks.
        No denim shorts of any kind.
  • Acceptable denim: Denim worn as slacks. Capri pants are considered slacks. Levis in good repair and skirts that are tasteful.
  • Denim is not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities.
  • Shoes/sandal must be worn at all time on Club’s property except for inside the locker rooms. Flip flops are prohibited.
  • Spiked shoes, stocking and bare feet are prohibited on the upper level in the dining room and cocktail lounge.
  • Men and boys are required to wear collared shirts, short/long sleeved shirts, or mock t-shirts at all times. T-shirts of any other types are prohibited. All shirts must be tucked in at all times on the golf course, driving range, and putting green. Shirts that are meant to be worn outside (i.e. Tommy Bahamas) may be worn outside on the upper level of the clubhouse. Slacks and Bermuda style shorts are acceptable on the golf course, driving range, and putting green – shorts are not allowed in the main dining room. Men are prohibited from wearing caps or hats on the upper level of the clubhouse.
  • Board shorts, basketball/baseball shorts/uniforms, and gym shorts are prohibited.
  • Tennis players may wear tennis attire only on tennis courts, mixed grill, and ground level of the Clubhouse. Warm-up suits or ladies’ wrap-around skirts must be worn in the Bar area after 6:00 p.m.