Championship Golf Course Designed By World-Renowned Golf Architect David McLay Kidd

David McLay Kidd's golf course designs have been trumpeted throughout the world. Bandon Dunes in Oregon is consistently ranked as one of the top courses in the U.S. And the genius behind the design has now transformed Rolling Hills golf course.

Born and raised in Scotland, the son of a golf course superintendent, Kidd has been around golf his entire life and has seen what made the greatest courses stand the test of time. "Rolling Hills Country Club is blessed with the magic ingredient shared by almost all truly great golf courses," states Kidd. "Sand! The sand underlying much of the existing golf course, and the entire quarry, opens up a myriad of golfing opportunities that can only be dreamed of on lesser sites," continues Kidd.


"Grass grows best in sand, it shapes easily, and greens, tees and bunkers depend on it. Best of all, golfers love it as the ball bounces and rolls, the surfaces are dry, the lies are tight, and its eminently playable; it's just so much more fun. We were fortunate enough to build a number of courses on sand, such as Bandon Dunes, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to create something exceptional here at RHCC."

"Hottest Architect in Golf," Golf Magazine ∙ Architect of the Year, 2008 ∙ Highest Percentage of Projects Ranked in World's and U.S. Top 100 Courses

Nanea Golf Club, Hawaii ∙ The Castle Course, St. Andrews ∙ Queenwood, England ∙ Tetherow, Oregon ∙ Huntsman Springs, Idaho ∙ Gamble Sands, Washington ∙ Bandon Dunes, Oregon